Monday, September 25, 2017

Mystery Monday: Zebb Quinn

It's Monday, which means it's time for another...

Although most of the stories I post here are mysteries, sometimes I like to post stories that have a resolution. On July 10, 2017, this story had an arrest. But even when someone's arrested, so many questions still remain...

Zebb Quinn was an Asheville, North Carolina teenager who disappeared after working his shift in the Walmart electronics department. Zebb was enrolled in ROTC.

Zebb left work at 9pm that Sunday evening with plans to meet coworker Robert Jason Owens to go look at a car. At 9:14, the two were captured on surveillance camera buying sodas at a convenience store.

According to Owens, the two left the gas station in separate cars and soon after, Zebb flashed his lights, indicating Owens should pull over. Zebb said he'd gotten a page and needed to return the call. Frantic, Zebb allegedly rushed to a payphone, made a call, then returned and said he had to go. In his rush, Owens said Zebb rear-ended his truck. Owens said that was the last he saw of his coworker.

Later that night, Owens arrived at the emergency room with fractured ribs and a head injury. He claimed to have gotten into another car accident that night, but no police report was filed.

Robert Jason Owens

Two days later, a male saying he was Zebb called in sick to Walmart. The employee immediately realized the voice wasn't Zebb's and traced the call back to a plant where Owens worked at the time. Two days later, Zebb's mom's coworker called her to say she'd spotted Zebb's car in a parking lot. It was found abandoned with lips drawn on the back windshield and a live puppy dog inside.

The case remained unsolved in the years that followed. As it gradually became known as an unresolvable mystery, Owens was named in another high-profile case. In 2015, he was arrested for the disappearance and murder of Food Network star Cristie Schoen, her husband J.T. Codd, and their unborn child.

Owens pled guilty to their deaths, claiming he accidentally ran over both of them with his car and tried to dispose of their bodies. His attorney said he was "impaired" on prescription drugs for a mental illness he suffered.

On July 10, 2017, a grand jury charged Owens with Zebb's murder. But the question now is why? What would have driven him to murder his friend?